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Pick a good…no…pick a GREAT ED REP

You’ll pick your section officers during the first month at HBS.  I’ll comment on the utility of some positions later (Career reps are useless in my opinion) but I will say that one of the MOST IMPORTANT ones is that of “Ed Rep” – this person will be the main liason between you, HBS professors, teaching assistants, exam proctors – everything related to academics, basically.

Your ed rep will update you on when study sessions are, what to bring for certain cases/simulations, the feedback that professors may have on the class performance, and countless other things.  I was blessed to have an amazing Ed Rep my first  year at HBS.  It greatly eased the section’s transition into the case method (which can be rough for many) and definitely made reviewing for finals a lot easier.  So pick your ed rep with caution, and have high expectations for him/her during the ENTIRE YEAR – some sections have had issues with their ed reps and have replaced them in years past.


First Post

This blog is written by a current HBS student. It will feature a lot of content that is HBS-related, including:

1. Admissions advice (when I feel like recounting the good old application process days) – interviews, essays, reccs, etc.
2. Tips on life once you get to HBS – gleaned from my experiences, my friends during this experience, and many graduates of HBS that I keep in touch with from many different fields.
3. General thoughts on HBS alums doing different things in the world
4. Stories / occasional videos / pics from HBS events and from around campus here in Cambridge
5. Answers to your questions. Feel free to email me at if you have any personal questions relating to HBS. If you grant me permission I may elect to publish an answer to your question, if I feel it is relevant to the reader base.

Generally, I am writing this because I feel that HBS is a place that is really dynamic, awesome, intellectual etc – but without proper guidance, it’s easy to get lost and confused about what the experience is meant to be – which is really a journey of self-exporation and identification. Too many people get caught up in the herd mentality here at HBS (something to definitely avoid) and the two years fly by without much personal growth and progress. The purpose of these writings and posts is to just “keep it real” for everyone attending or considering Harvard Business School.

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